Fundamental Process Engineering Training

Course Overview:
This course is exceptional because process engineering is at the center of oil, gas, chemical, refining and petrochemical industries. This core course utilizes formal lectures, group discussions, problem-solving exercises, videos and case studies to enable graduate engineers acquire fundamental knowledge in the area of oil and gas process engineering. The course covers deep process engineering principles, basis for process engineering design and hands-on mini project to ensure participants are well-equipped to be integrated into the labour market.

Course Objectives:
Upon completion of the course, participants will be able to:
Understand general oil and gas/process engineering essentials and role of process engineer in various fields.
Understand fundamental principles and unit operations used in oil and gas industries.
Describe basic concepts of oil & Gas processing
Recognise the need and when to use process and pipeline simulation software like Aspen HYSYS, PIPESIM, etc for process engineering analysis
Gain confidence in the development of process engineering drawings
Learn to perform basic process engineering calculations and sizing of basic equipments.

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